Charity is Perverse [from Drew Sumrall’s ‘Universal Revolution’]

Contrary to popular opinion, one is actually enabled to consume incessantly, without changing any of their habits, if, from time to time, they happen to stumble across a virtual image of poverty. The false guilt produced by an image with no reference point in the West only serves to satisfy the psychological need to feel something [i.e. What is called compassion]. This is how reality is a shelter from the Real. Reality numbs us in such a way that a virtual image helps us feel without having to face the Real of our lives: the truth that poverty exists because the West consumes incessantly—poverty is simply the byproduct of this feedback loop.

Certainly there are many who donate after viewing an advertisement asking for support in humanitarian projects—yet all this does is proffer the giver the feeling of having done something, without having to ask why the need exists, without having to confront the problem.

It is in this way that charity is nothing more than the exploitation of the improvised to feed our psychological needs—the West gives to receive; and this is why charity is perverse. It is incapable of eliminating poverty, and thus it only sustains it.


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